Through performance, installation, film and photography my work explores the poetic interweaving and inter-relationship between sense of self, body and environment.

Using my body as the starting point I have created performances and images that arise out of my physical explorations and interactions with a diverse range of sites: from a castle to a kitchen cupboard, a bookshop to a drainage channel, to name but a few.

My works seeks to be both humorous and disturbing, challenging our ideas of separateness, presence and absence, space and relationship, pointing to what is often unseen or overlooked.


Blurring the boundary between subject and object, between built structures and the live body "allow for the working of a kind of sympathetic magic..."

"Matrixial Traces in Performance: the anchor series”, Kuburović, Parallax 50, 2009, vol. 15.

The Maternal Body

Since becoming a mother my focus has also come to rest on the maternal body as site, as ‘home’ and the fluidity of self and identity in relation to home, family and the life journey of the maternal relationship. 

The built house itself: memory, dream, past and present inhabiting the homespace, and the ‘body’ of the house transformed into an uncanny shadow of itself. 

The maternal as a way of being in the world and in relation to art making is at the heart of my long term explorations and collaboration with artist Zoë Gingell and the ‘Mothersuckers Project’.

Finding My Place

Consistently influenced by ideas of embodiment in relation to environment, Roger Caillois’ essay: ‘Mimicry and Legendary Psychasthenia’, (which first appeared in the Surrealist journal ‘Minotaure’ in 1937) has always been a touchstone.

Caillois proposed that insect mimicry had no survival value and was instead a confusion between an insect and its environment. He linked this behaviour to a kind of spatial psychosis (Legendary Psychasthenia), where a person feels that their identity no longer resides within the boundary of the body but is lured out into the surrounding space.

The feeling of personality, considered as the organism's feeling of distinctness from its surroundings, of the connection between consciousness and a particular point in space, cannot fail under these conditions to be is seriously undermined...

"Mimicry and Legendary Psychasthenia," Roger Caillois, translated by John Shepley, in October: the First Decade, 1976-1986, 1987.

(*)“Threshold” Sara Rees, Platfform: Contemporary performance practice in Wales, 2003