HouseMADE 2016

photo credit: Peter Evans

Cardiff MADE (Zoë Gingell,and Joshua Leeson) developed and initiated a short artists residency in a vacant former Victorian house in Cardiff converted into offices, as part of Brickstock festival’s fringe.

‘HouseMADE’ invited 12 artists from different disciplines to work on 

developing a distinctive occupation of rooms within the ‘house’ over the course of two weeks responding to the idea of home and house, exploring both their responses to the building as well as potential audience interaction. The artists were encouraged to explore new pairings, developing overlapping themes and ideas between the works as they developed in relation to the building and to each other as a ‘whole’.  In addition the house “viewing” over an afternoon at the end of the two weeks brought in considerations around the formation of a narrative between the works. Zoë Gingell

I was delighted to be invited on this residency and found themes from past and present work coming together, finding a new home within the House.

House as home and family home- or memory of the home of childhood re-mapped drawn over the ‘body’ of the building- taking physical form- memory, fantasy, dream, past and present sitting together in the same room. Collaborating with my children: an exploration of a physical connection and a physicality within the space together as one body and as separate beings. Trying to inscribe, set down, hold onto something that was sliding away from my grasp: their childhood, the inevitable loss, fading into the homespace of memory, transformed into an uncanny shadow of itself.